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Down Homeless is the second studio album recording released by the multinational quartet VNMG. Featuring Will Vinson - saxophone, Steve Newcomb - piano, Thomas Morgan - bass, Peter Gabis - drums. It was recorded in 2002 at the Organic Music recording studio located in Obing, Germany. VNMG were in Europe at the time completing their second tour. 

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VNMG formed while all four members were students at Manhattan School of Music. Their first studio album Short Stories (people, places, times) was recorded in 2001 at Peter Karl studios in Brooklyn, NYC. It is currently out of print. 


The making of TRACE, by Karlen/Newcomb/Wren

A neat little video capturing my first unique collaboration with Brisbane musicians Rafael Karlen (saxophone) and Toby Wren (guitar). From the upcoming album Trace. 

There is a pozible campaign underway if you are interested in supporting the project, and of course obtaining some extra goodies!

About Trace (notes by Rafael Karlen):

Trace was recorded over two mornings in June at the Queensland Multicultural Centre by Mark Smith. The record features beautiful album design by Sai Karlen and warm photographs by Michelle Secis. The album will be mastered by the renowned Dave Neil and will be released on the Brisbane-based label Pinnacles Music.

See us live at the Old Museum Building on Sunday December 11 from 6:30pm TICKETS now open .. free stuff?

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A collection of lead sheets is among the work available for download as PDF. All lead sheet downloads include versions in concert key (treble & bass clef), Bb, and Eb transpositions.

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There is of course FREE STUFF!

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Shop! Launching November 21

Counting down to the NOVEMBER 21 launch of the SHOP on

It It will include pieces for chamber ensemble, small group, and big band, as well as various lead sheets from prior projects. 

Currently under construction but stay tuned ... there will be free stuff!

2017 release for new album

I've recently returned to Brisbane from six weeks in the USA where I spent time writing material for a new SNO album. At the end of the trip I had two inspiring days recording in Systems Two (Brooklyn) with an ensemble that included Desmond White (bass), Kush Abadey (drums), Kavita Shah (voice), Jonathan Goldberger (guitar), Kathryn Andrews (harp), Sam Sadigursky (bass clarinet), Jodie Rottle (flute), Leah Asher (viola), Meaghan Burke (cello). The session was engineered by the marvellous Mike Marciano, who runs the studio. 

Much editing and mixing is still in the works as the music is shaped, but I'm very excited about the prospect of an early 2017 release of the second SNO record.


Recording in Systems Two. Photo by Jessica Carlton-Thomas

Chris McNulty ETERNAL at Wangaratta

I'm very, very, excited to be appearing at the Wangaratta Jazz & Blues Festival with Chris McNulty and chamber ensemble on October 30. We'll be performing some really special music that Chris, John DiMartino and I developed for the ETERNAL project. 

The band will be: Chris McNulty (voice), Steve Newcomb (piano), Christopher Hale (bass), Hugh Harvey (drums), Jodie Rottle (flutes), Ed Fairlie (trumpet), Lizzie Welsh (viola), Ellie Walker (cello)

Full details here

A veteran performer on the international jazz scene, she has many gifts as a performer and a direct channel to the emotional core of a lyric. McNulty bares her soul, and one doesn’t dare look away.
— 4 1/2 stars, DownBeat, June 2015

New album in progress..

I'm currently in the US working on material for a new album. The ensemble will be a SNO 2.0 of sorts, made up of strings, winds, harp, voice, guitar and rhythm section. I'm delighted to be collaborating with some of my dear friends from SNO 1, including Kathryn Andrews, Kavita Shah, and John Goldberger

I'll post lots of photos from the sessions on so please follow along if that's your thing! We'll be recording in the highly praised Systems Two in Brooklyn mid-September. 

SNO 1 is available here