The debut studio recording by Steve Newcomb Orchestra (2013)

"This album is a co-operative undertaking of huge proportions utilising an entire orchestra to perform Newcomb’s expert arrangements where the widely differing atmospheres and instrumentation are underpinned and thematically linked by the composer’s skilful piano-led trio."

John McBeath (The Australian)

Produced by Steve Newcomb and Laura Kahle

All compositions by Steve Newcomb

Recorded and Mixed, at Clubhouse by Paul Antonell, assisted by Bella Blasko, and Connor Milton
- Rhinebeck NY, April, May and October 2012

Overdubs recorded by Jonathan Goldberger at Downhome Audio Lab
- Brooklyn, NY, May 2012

Mastered by David Glasser at Airshow Mastering
- Colorado, November 2012

Remnants II sliced, diced and remixed by PaulieB at Tanuki Lounge
- Brisbane, November 2012

Jonathan Ragonese - conductor
Jodie Rottle - flute, piccolo, alto flute
Mat Jodrell - trumpet, flugelhorn
Alex Love - french horn
Jonah Parzen-Johnson - clarinet, bass clarinet, bari sax
Andrei Matorin - violin
Amelia In - violin
Nora Krohn - viola
William Martina - cello
Kavita Shah - voice
Stephen Celluci - tabla
Kathryn Andrews - harp
Steve Newcomb - piano, nord
Sam Anning - bass
Guilhem Flouzat - drums

On Caterpillar Chronicles: (tracks 5-10)

Shannon Barnett - trombone
Jonathan Goldberger - guitar
Brooke Newcomb - singing

"Song for Ava" lyrics by Chris McNulty

Artwork Design by Cheryl Orsini

Caterpillar Chronicles was a commission project instigated by Miroslav Bukovsky at ANU School of Music and originally created as a work for Big Band.

Dedicated to the memory of Olivia Mae Newcomb [July 5 - October 9, 2006]

The music on this record evolved from playing with Sam Anning and Guilhem Flouzat during our attendance at the Manhattan School of Music. At this time, I began to realise a dream of developing music for trio and string quartet and soon enlisted Jonah Parzen-Johnson on bass clarinet to join a new piece I had written for this instrumentation. Mat Jodrell is someone who I've known for many years and I was determined to collaborate with him. The dream grew to include harp and winds. Kathryn Andrews assisted my learning with harp writing, and Alex Love and Jodie Rottle are other Manhattan School connections and they helped complete my dream wind section. Also at this school I met Kavita Shah and we developed a strong musical connection. While playing in Kavita's world music project I met Stephen Cellucci and asked that he also join SNO on tabla. Jonathan Ragonese came highly recommended as a conductor and enlisting him in this project was integral to the clarity and expression you hear in the music. I greatly admire the work of William Martina on cello (another aussie connection) and added Andrei Matorin, Amelia In, and Nora Krohn to round out the string section. One of my oldest and dearest friends from Brisbane is Laura Kahle (now Brooklyn based), and I was extremely delighted when she was able to attend the session, along with her husband Jeff. The whole team made the journey to Paul Antonell's clubhouse in upstate New York, in idyllic surroundings, and spent a full day making music.

Jonathan Goldberger is a great friend from early New York days and his guitar work and creative sound shaping is always what I love to hear. I was really glad that he and Shannon Barnett, a long time friend from Australia and incredible trombonist, were able to help complete my vision for the multi-movement 'Caterpillar Chronicles' piece. 'Caterpillar Chronicles' was a commission project instigated by Miroslav Bukovsky at ANU School of Music and originally created as a work for big band. I am thankful for this opportunity.

I'd like to give heart felt thanks to all the amazing people involved in this project. The music you hear was sculpted for and by the people on this record. A special thanks to Jodie. Thanks to Chris McNulty for friendship and wonderful lyrics. To Paul and the team at Clubhouse for the hospitality, great craft and many smiles. To Roseann Baker, for bringing such wonderful energy to SNO live performances through dance. To Paula, Brooke and Ava, mum and dad, and my family for all the encouragement and support. To the mentors who assisted me throughout my studies: Jim McNeely, Phil Markowitz and Garry Dial. To the musical mentors in my life: John Hoffman, Kenny Barron, Barney McAll, WIll Vinson, Sean Wayland, Ken Edie, James Sherlock, Oj Newcomb, Carl Harvoe, Katie and Zac. To Justin Dicciocio, Chris Rosenberg, Stephanie Crease and all the staff at Manhattan School of Music. To Huib Schippers and my colleagues at Queensland Conservatrorium, Griffith University. To David Glasser at Airshow Mastering, Cheryl Orsini for beautiful design, and Johannes, Mace and Andrew at Listen/Hear Collective for welcoming me to their label which supports and presents original independent music.

Music is a social activity, for the audience and the performers. The day we all had in the studio felt to me like a great celebration of something. Music has that mysterious quality to it. Above all, it was fun.

Steve Newcomb
January 2013

...ALSO AVAILABLE AS sheet music


The second studio recording by VNMG (2002)

VNMG met in New York in 1999 and fused their common musical interests into this unique project. Since then the band has recorded 2 CD's, undertaken 3 extended tours comprising over 50 concerts and workshops, with a repertoire of around 40 original compositions contributed by all its members.

One of the perculiarities of the band is that there is no "leader", in neither musical nor organisational matters. VNMG is therefore what is often refered to as a "co-op" band. A form that is very seldom seen in today's jazz circuit, dominated by "tribute to..." and "Star-soloist + sidemen" concepts.

VNMG is a "working band par excellance". The fact that VNMG's members are from different countries may seem to be an obstacle at first view. Fact is, the varied musical influence each musican brings to the group cannot be ignored and therefore plays an important role in the band's style.

Will Vinson - saxophones
Steve Newcomb - piano
Thomas Morgan - bass
Peter Gabis - drums

"VNMG delivers Jazz in its most beautifull form, far away from trends but still contemporary, with inuitive inspiration for moods that only can be developed in jazz music. Every single thought is taken and developed by the musical partners, and all this with thier own compositions and their own sound. VNMG develops and has profile, and it takes the most beautifull sides from Jazz, that a highly musical quartet can produce."

- Christian Bakonyi, Jazzzeit 12/2002

...ALSO AVAILABLE AS sheet music